Golan Z. Marom, CEO, Founder

Golan Z. Marom is the CEO and Founder of Zada Development Group. Golan Marom Received his graduate education from Harvard University in Real Estate Development and Visual Arts. Mr. Marom is responsible for the acquisitions and developments undertaken by Zada Development Group. Golan Z. Marom has an extensive understanding of Quality craftsmanship and is capable of dealing with some of the most challenging construction obstacles while maintaining the integrity of landmark buildings. “Zada Development Group is a real estate development company that is approaching urban development with an energetic team that is determined to make a positive impact.” Golan places great value in fostering long term relationships and believes that the key to the company’s success lies in having a comprehensive understanding of people and their community.

David Marom, Chairman

Mr. Marom is the senior financial advisor for Zada Development Group. David Marom has over 40 years of business experience and has been instrumental in the development of this company. Mr. Marom is known to do business with a handshake and believes that a person’s most valuable asset is their word. David has a unique ability to find solutions to complex financial matters.